Sharon Glenn

Sharon Glenn: First Ride

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sharon Glenn

Title: First Ride
Label: CD Baby

Sharon Glenn and her husband George Thomsen form the performing duo Northfork. Together they perform Sharon's original cowboy poetry, George's original songs and somgs from the cowboy tradition. Sharon's father was a cowboy in eastern Washington and she was raised to become a cowboy herself. George is also the 'real article', a buckaroo and skilled horse trainer.

1.1 First Ride
1.2 Love Affair
1.3 Changes
1.4 Real Cowboy Code
1.5 Goodbye Chet
1.6 Buckaroo's Lass
1.7 Alice and the Outlaw
1.8 You Won't Have Far to Look
1.9 Mama's Flowers
1.10 The Naturals
1.11 You're Not Crazy, It's All in Your Head
1.12 Ridin' Down the Canyon Once Again
1.13 I Guess His Name Was Ed
1.14 Gunsel Gong
1.15 The Hanging of Charley Martin
1.16 Nostalgia
1.17 Judy's Poem

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