Sharon Lee Minor

Sharon Lee Minor: Auntie Afrika

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Title: Auntie Afrika
Label: CD Baby

"When it's hard to tell someone what you really think or's often easier, on both, if it is done in a poem or a song..." This is Sharon's second CD music project. She calls it 'musical storytelling' because AUNTIE AFRIKA explores "musical-storytelling". She describes it as " a way of approaching serious issues with both honesty and humor. Through musical storytelling, Sharon has blended her personal experiences with those stories told to her, hoping that the listener will forgive, as well as commit to a better way of relating to one another on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean...and beyond!" Sharon has recently presented her spoken/vocal work at An Die Musik Jazz Center (Baltimore, MD) with Kevin Robinson and KREation; Vattel Cherry and SoulStation ensemble at the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival (Rockville, MD); and for the Mercy Outreach Ministry International (MOM) fundraiser at the Embassy of Haiti (Washington, D.C.). Her first musical CD project was "Selah" in 2002, accompanied by the improvisational genius of Vattel Cherry (double bass/percussions), Chris Taylor (guitar), and Chuck Ferrell (drums/percussions). This time, AUNTIE AFRIKA is 'sole/soul created' by Sharon using the digital sounds produced by Garageband software (Apple, Inc.). Her musical "influencers" (those who have evoked her through spirit as well as vocal curiosity) include Abbey Lincoln, Oscar Brown, Jr. and Amiri Baraka. She has been compared with the sultry Nina Simone in how she delivers personal and unrestrained interpretations of lyrics and melody. As a visual and performance artist, she creates art that reflects cultural and spiritual themes and principles. Recent visual art works include "The Wedding"(the painting featured in the "Selah" CD packet) and "The Apology"(featured in AUNTIE AFRICA as a bonus print). Sharon has recently shown her painted canvas "Culture Sculptures" boxes, at Galerie Myrtis in Baltimore, MD. Sharon Lee Minor (also a.k.a. King) is the founder of A MINOR ENTERPRISE, a consultancy and cultural e xchange firm that produces quality educational materials representing communities, globally. As a visual and performance artist, and arts educator, she has presented lecture-demonstrations, performances, and exhibitions at numerous colleges, universities, galleries, churches, and international conferences. For more information contact:

1.1 Auntie Afrika [Instrumental]
1.2 Lamentations for Haiti
1.3 Bahama Mama A;B
1.4 Four Times Moved
1.5 African Groans
1.6 John L'amour
1.7 My Reality As a Maker
1.8 Queen Esther's Prayer [Vocal]
1.9 Auntie Afrika [Vocal]
1.10 Karmann's Day
1.11 Zuri Ava
1.12 Queen Esther's Song [Instrumental]
1.13 [Untitled]

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