Sharon Yazowski

Sharon Yazowski: Song About Love? EP

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Artist: Sharon Yazowski

Artist: Sharon Yazowski
Title: Song About Love? EP

The ironies of love - the ultimate highs that all too often become our deepest lows. In her first recording project, Sharon Yazowski embraces these ironies with wit and sassy charm. Her delivery is bold with an underlying vulnerability that touches anyone who has ever experienced the disappointments of love. Her lyrics possess a stirring array of emotions which reflect the simple complexities, and sometimes humorous, aspects of love. When asked if her songs are reflective of her own life, Sharon simply replies, 'Most writers write from a place of familiarity.' a song about love? is a collection of original songs written and produced by Sharon Yazowski. With this release, Sharon has created a sound which is distinctly her own. That sound is a seamless blend of jazz and blues traditions with a contemporary feel. Her swing tunes are playful and full of verve, reminiscent of the big band era. Her ballads are intimately set against backdrops of lush instrumentation. In every song, Sharon's voice sweetly soars and expresses raw emotion. The result is a smooth tone of great depth and alluring appeal. With it's swinging riffs, sultry melodies and fresh lyrics, a song about love? is an exquisite introduction to the music of Sharon Yazowski. The current release of a song about love? is a selection of songs from the full-length album of the same title. Sharon is currently working on the completion of the album. Visit for more info about Sharon and her music.

1.1 Intro
1.2 A Song About Love?
1.3 Hush, Hush
1.4 You Said It First
1.5 Never Been in Love
1.6 It's Raining

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