Sharptooth: Clever Girl

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sharptooth

Title: Clever Girl
Label: Pure Noise

Baltimore hardcore band Sharptooth joined Pure Noise Records for the release of their socially conscious and politically charged 2017 debut album, Clever Girl. Recorded with producer Paul Leavitt (Darkest Hour, Senses Fail), the title track introduces the album with thrashed-up hardcore grit, punishing breakdowns, and a walloping chant. Nodding to a famous line by cocky hunter Muldoon before raptors consume him in the original Jurassic Park, it speaks to an important theme. "Clever Girl" the track is all about aggressively fighting back against the hands that chain us," says vocalist Lauren Kashan. "It's about "biting back" against oppression of all forms, be that by people in your life, in your society, or systemic forms of oppression like sexism, racism and bigotry. This is a call to arms for any and all marginalized people for our voices to be heard and for everyone else to take this time to simply listen."

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