Shawn Kayvon

Shawn Kayvon: One Life to Live

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Artist: Shawn Kayvon

Artist: Shawn Kayvon
Title: One Life to Live

As a solo artist, I specialize in creating new and exciting compositions by blending New Age, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Love Ballads, Classical, Latin, and European music to touch the heart and soul of my listeners and the dance lovers.

1.1 Divine Connection
1.2 Eternal Love
1.3 Eastern Joy
1.4 Live in the Moment
1.5 Midnight Oasis
1.6 Music, Language of Love
1.7 Walk of Laughter
1.8 Beyond Horizon
1.9 Life in the Bubble
1.10 Love and Passion
1.11 Here and After
1.12 Soul Mate

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