Sheena: Living Hands

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Artist: Sheena

Artist: Sheena
Title: Living Hands

In 2008, the members around Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe) gathered together as 'dancing acoustic instrumental band' with their unique instruments- fiddle, Irish flute, soprano saxophone, clarinet, accordion, bouzouki, guitar, bass, cajon, and drums. They have been carrying out many live performances on the street and highly appreciated. Carrying on the 'Irish' boom triggered by the movie 'Titanic', the performance 'Riverdance' or the game 'FINAL FANTASY' in Japan, this first album not only includes lively dance tunes and sorrowful waltz of Irish, but their original pieces of music that will sound unique to your ears.

1.1 Sheebeg and Sheemore
1.2 The Lochaber Badger/The Glass of Beer/The Bird in the Bush
1.3 Living Hands
1.4 John Ryan's Polka/Denis Murphy's Polka/Finnish Polka
1.5 Earl's Chair
1.6 Tar Road to Sligo/Wedding Reel/Jackie Coleman's Reel
1.7 The Warlocks/The Mist Covered Mountain
1.8 The Weathercock/Go Through By Theharvest Home/Thick and Fast
1.9 Inisheer
1.10 Morrison's Jig/The Butterfly/Give Us a Drink of Water
1.11 The Air Ship in the Meadow
1.12 The Cup of Tea/The Banshee/Hand Me Down the Tackles
1.13 The Lighthouse Keeper

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