Sheilah Glover

Sheilah Glover: Power of the Soul

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Artist: Sheilah Glover

Artist: Sheilah Glover
Title: Power of the Soul

POWER OF THE SOUL is a musical journey beginning with learning to love one's self, aligning with powerful Goddess energies, exploring love with others and ones own innter voices to realizing the Power of the Soul finally topped with a sweet lullabye. Songs are musically evocative with an upbeat message unique to each. Sheilah Glover is most renowned for her involvement in the award-winning vocal trio Nicholas, Glover and Wray---three distinct voices and personalities that blend into a harmonious and vibrant ensemble. In the twenty-five years together, NGW received many local awards, produced their own albums and toured extensively. Sheilah's other musical interests have taken her into collaborations in theatre, film and performance. She has also scored soundtracks to several award-winning documentary videos and theatre pieces. Glover holds an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Arts from Mills College. She has studied and applied sound therapy and healing to her work as a musician and vocal coach. Sheilah's latest work is a one-woman show focusing the the enneagram system of personality typing called "Is Ennybody Home?

1.1 Footsteps
1.2 Goddess Returning
1.3 Breath Song
1.4 All of My Voices
1.5 Your Sweet Love
1.6 Early Morning Light
1.7 Write on Raymond
1.8 Barbara Dolores
1.9 Power of the Soul
1.10 Lullabye

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