Shelby Merchant

Shelby Merchant: Beneath This Coat & Tie

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Artist: Shelby Merchant

Artist: Shelby Merchant
Title: Beneath This Coat & Tie

Shelby Merchant is a veteran songwriter and performer with three self-released albums under his belt showcasing an extreme range of well-crafted songs in Country, Pop, R&B, Jazz and Bluegrass. I bet you're thinking, now what-in-the-world could all that beautiful mess possibly sound like? Well, somewhere in the sonic spectrum of James Taylor, Garth Brooks, and Baby Face (Kenny Edmonds) comfortably lies Shelby's rhythmic pulse that will pull your emotions in ways you never expected. Come for the slow crafted lyric of each song; Come for the smooth tenor tone of his voice; Come for the pure entertainment of hearing Shelby's story behind each song delivered in ways that will make you laugh and cry. However your curiosity draws you in, visit Shelby at a venue, website or CD/MP3 device near you and sit-down or press play. You will not regret a second of your time and you will fall in love as thousands others have over the years.

1.1 Country's Inside of Me
1.2 Beer Tooth
1.3 Silence
1.4 Slow Row
1.5 He's My Dad
1.6 Underachiever
1.7 Somethin' Somethin'
1.8 Darlin'
1.9 Our Last Memory
1.10 Clarence Greene
1.11 Treatin' Each Other Wrong
1.12 Evergreen

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