Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman: The Complete Albums 1959-61 by Shelley Berman

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Artist: Shelley Berman

Artist: Shelley Berman
Title: The Complete Albums 1959-61 by Shelley Berman

The Complete Albums 1959 - 1961 by Shelley Berman - Shelley Berman is one of the coterie of comedians who made the transition from the club stage to a recording contract and television shows during the late '50s and early '60s, around the same time as Bob Newhart, both of them employing similar techniques of depicting one end of a telephone conversation and a satirically observational raconteur style. Beginning life as a straight actor and then a sketch writer, before doing stand-up comedy, which earnt him a contract with the Verve label - he became the first stand-up comic to perform at Carnegie Hall. This 3-CD set, comprises the complete content of his first four albums for Verve, released between 1959 and 1961 - "Inside Shelley Berman", "Outside Shelley Berman", "The Edge Of Shelley Berman" and "A Personal Appearance" presented in chronological order. His debut album won the inaugural Grammy award for a non-musical recording, and was the first comedy recording to be certified gold. His oblique view on contemporary life through a series of narrative vignettes led one critic to observe that he "singlehandedly transformed modern neuroticism in high art", playing on issues which challenged suburban sensibilities at a time of acute social change. For those who were around at the time, it's a stimulating reminder of the comedy of that era, while for others it's an enlightening insight into the development of modern satirical comedy.

1.1 Child Psychologists
1.2 Buttermilk
1.3 The Morning After the Night Before (Phone Call)
1.4 Small Embarrassing Moments
1.5 Talking to a Youngster on Phone
2.1 Franz Kafka on the Telephone
2.2 The Booking Agent
2.3 Conversation with My Father
2.4 P.T.A. Meeting
2.5 First Date
2.6 Alvin ; Shirley
3.1 Alice B. Toklas
3.2 Outtakes of Child Psychologists
3.3 A Sappy Thank You
3.4 Slipping Table Napkin
3.5 Television Advertising (It Shows It to You)
3.6 Hotel Guest
3.7 Conventioner (Making a Long Distance Call)
3.8 Black Specks in a Glass of Milk
3.9 Movie Clichés
3.10 Girl Who Has Lost Her Heel
3.11 Meeting the Prospective In-Laws
3.12 Conclusion (Including the Dentist)

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