Shelley Macarthur

Shelley Macarthur: All Jazzed Up! the Gold Star Sardine Bar Years

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Artist: Shelley Macarthur
Title: All Jazzed Up! the Gold Star Sardine Bar Years

In 1983, Chicago impresario Bill Allen set out to recreate the atmosphere of the 1930's and 40's New York Café Society in Chicago. His genius and hard work resulted in the creation of the Gold Star Sardine Bar: a tiny, magical spot where lovers of jazz could pack themselves in like sardines and mingle with the beautiful and famous. Thanks to this brilliant and eccentric man, I had the privilege of singing at this club for several years. This collection of songs represents what Bill called "golden chestnuts"; songs he handpicked just for me to showcase at the Gold Star. It is with warm memories and affection that I dedicate this album to the two men who were such a crucial part of my early career; Bill Allen, who created the club and gave me my start and the legendary Bobby Short with whom I had the honor of performing with many times and who brought his unique style and panache to the Gold Star. For fifteen years, Chicago Jazz aficionados were hypnotized by the magic of the Gold Star Sardine Bar. All these years later, the swinging jazz and mean martinis of the club are just a memory. The good times and infectious music of those years will live on in all of us fortunate enough to have been part of it... and now for you, through this recording. Being able to share it with you gets me... ALL JAZZED UP.

1.1 I Told Ya I Love Ya Now Get Out
1.2 Why Don't You Do Right
1.3 S'wonderful
1.4 Love Me or Leave Me
1.5 Everything I Got
1.6 A Lot of Livin' to Do
1.7 I Don't Know Enough About You
1.8 Do It
1.9 You Call It Jogging (I Call It Running Around)
1.10 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
1.11 Why Can't You Behave
1.12 Some of These Day/ After You've Gone

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