Shelter: Mantra

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Artist: Shelter

Artist: Shelter
Title: Mantra

For any music fanatic devoted to the hardcore genre, the name Shelter is not unfamiliar. This New York-based group is best known for it's founder and frontman, Ray Cappo, who is considered as one of the most prominent representatives of the charismatic 'krishnacore' scene, which conjoins the elements of hardcore music with a strong spiritual message based on Krishna Consciousness. Formed in the early 90's, Shelter was Cappo's second band - previously he was the frontman of Youth of Today, a straightedge hardcore group, in it's time highly acclaimed by the underground community. Limited to 2,000 copies!

1.1 Message of the Bhagavat
1.2 Civilized Man
1.3 Here We Go
1.4 Appreciation
1.5 Empathy
1.6 Not the Flesh
1.7 Chance
1.8 Mantra
1.9 Surrender to Your TV
1.10 Letter to a Friend
1.11 Metamorphosis
1.12 Progressive Man
1.13 We Can Work It Out
1.14 Here We Go

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