Sheriff Scabs

Sheriff Scabs: Deep Six Holiday

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sheriff Scabs

Title: Deep Six Holiday
Label: CD Baby

A Deep Six Holiday is the debut album from Chicago post-industrial punk-metal quartet Sheriff Scabs. This ten song collection takes a tongue in cheek look at frontman Michael Scabs' semi-humorous world of love, sex, violence and monsters. All Sheriff Scabs' songs tale a tale. Like a third person narrative from a first person perspective. And they always feature a cast of interesting characters. From the sci-fi themed unrequited love & war epic 'Deeper' to the fast past horror movie operas 'Boogieman' and 'The Werewolf Song', Scabs brings a new approach to heavy indie rock n roll form. And even when talking about Taboo subject matter such as being murdered by rednecks for Leung mistaken for a homosexual in 'Swamp', making love to your genetic clone in 'Doppelgänger', obsessive Facebook stalking in 'Ashes (Leave it to Bieber)' and 'Killing Hookers'... The title says it all. Sheriff Scabs isn't for everyone. Hell, Sheriff Scabs really may not be for ANYONE but Scabs himself. But it just might be for you too.

1.1 Carnival Bark
1.2 Ashes (Leave It to Bieber)
1.3 Killing Hookers
1.4 Doppelganger
1.5 I Let Love in
1.6 Boogieman
1.7 Swamp
1.8 Wetspot (Dance with Me)
1.9 Deeper
1.10 The Werewolf Song

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