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Sherry Austin: Love Still Remains

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Artist: Sherry Austin

Artist: Sherry Austin
Title: Love Still Remains

Love Still Remains - Celebrating the songs of Kate Wolf When Dave and I were first dating in 2000, he took me to the Kate Wolf music festival. Over the course of the weekend, I knew I was falling for him. Maybe it was the vibe of the festival, or maybe it was the magic of Kate's songs that played a part. In any case, I had been aware of her music for many years before that weekend, and before long, I started playing a tune here, then a couple more after that. Kate's music wrapped around me like a soft blanket. I became smitten with the genius in her ability to write something that seemed so simple on the surface, yet had a deeper layer that unfolded with each listening. I've tried to put together a balance of favorites and some of the lesser-known songs of Kate's. Winter Comes on Slow is my own composition that was inspired by her music. November Moon and Tonight You Loved the Memories Out of Me, were unrecorded lyrics of hers that I put music to. I think Kate's versions of Red Tail Hawk and Telluride were so iconic that she owned them as much as the authors of those songs. I couldn't imagine recording Red Tail Hawk because her version was such a masterpiece. When Rick Shea was in the studio, he asked me to try it. I loved the vibe he created on guitar, and we ended up with a beautiful version. We all liked the music bed so much on this song, we did an instrumental version to bookend the album. I used many of the same musicians that I used on my last album, Drive On Back. Keith Greeninger sings harmony on several songs and does a fine duet on Give Yourself to Love. James Nash, from the Waybacks, plays guitar and mando on 5 songs. From my band, Lisa Burns plays Bass on most of the album, Sharon Allen is on harmonies, Jim Norris is on various forms of percussion, and Charlie Wallace is on pedal steel. Some old, and some new friends made contributions. The Rhythm Angels (Celeste Krenz and Rebecca Folsom) lend some beautiful harmonies to November Moon. Rick Shea plays pedal steel, guitar and mando on Red Tail Hawk and Telluride. Shelley Phillips is on Pennywhistle on both versions of Red Tail Hawk, and her husband Barry Phillips plays cello on that and several other songs. David West, one of the writers of Telluride, sings the harmony on it, as he did on Kate Wolf's first album. I can't help but smile when I'm singing these songs. There's just something about Kate Wolf's music that settles in your heart and stays.

1.1 Red Tail Hawk
1.2 Telluride
1.3 Eyes of a Painter
1.4 November Moon
1.5 Love Still Remains
1.6 Winter Comes on Slow
1.7 Brother Warrior
1.8 Green Eyes
1.9 Streets of Calgary
1.10 Tonight You Loved the Memories Out of Me
1.11 September Song
1.12 Desert Wind
1.13 Give Yourself to Love
1.14 Red Tail Hawk

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