Sherwin Linton

Sherwin Linton: Hillbilly Heaven-Sherwin Linton & Friends

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sherwin Linton

Title: Hillbilly Heaven-Sherwin Linton & Friends
Label: CD Baby

South Dakota native Sherwin Linton launched his career in the music business in 1956 as a 16 year-old disc jockey and live performer of country and rockabilly music on radio station KWAT in Watertown. Moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1957, this talented singer, guitarist and songwriter began performing throughout the country. Sherwin journeyed to Nashville in 1966 and recorded "Cotton King," a song that catapulted him to the top of the Country charts. Roy Acuff was so impressed with Sherwin that he signed Sherwin to his legendary Acuff-Rose Publishing Company and Hickory Records, resulting in numerous TV appearances and nationwide tours. Following the 1971 release of a live tribute album, "Hello, I'm Not Johnny Cash," Sherwin received multiple national nominations from the CMA and ACM (and praise from Cash himself). Subsequent hits included the 1986 novelty song "Santa Got A DWI," an anti-drunk driving song that hit the charts and became a Christmas favorite (and has sold over 1 million copies). Sherwin has been a true ambassador, romanticizing his home state with memories of railroad life and growing up in small South Dakota towns - themes that are woven into the fabric of more than 25 albums and over 55 years of live performances across the U.S. and Canada.

1.1 Neon Moon
1.2 Dialog
1.3 Hank Williams Will Live Forever
1.4 Dialog
1.5 Drifting Apart
1.6 Dialog
1.7 Just Good Old Boys
1.8 Dialog
1.9 Mom ; Dads Waltz
1.10 Dialog
1.11 Jimmie Rodgers Memories ; Me
1.12 Dialog
1.13 I Still Miss Someone
1.14 Dialog
1.15 I Was There When It Happened
1.16 Dialog
1.17 Forever Young
1.18 Dialog
1.19 Spanish Guitars
1.20 As Long As I Live
1.21 Dialog
1.22 I Would Be in Love Anyway
1.23 I Dreamed of a Hillbilly Heaven

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