Sherwin Linton

Sherwin Linton: Last American Frontier Centennial

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sherwin Linton

Title: Last American Frontier Centennial
Label: CD Baby

The last American Frontier in the central borderline area of North and South Dakota was being settled only about 100 years ago. This recording is dedicated to those hardy, friendly people of Zeeland, North Dakota, who celebrated their German heritage and ancestry with a 2002 Centennial celebration. Sherwin Linton launched his career in the music business in the mid-1950s as a disc jockey and live performer of Rock-A-Billy music on radio station KWAT in Watertown, South Dakota. Sherwin moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1957 and expanded his territory from the Midwest to playing nightclubs and ballrooms throughout the country. He journeyed to Nashville in 1966, where he cut 'Cotton King,' a song that catapulted him to the top of the Country charts. Roy Acuff, with whom Sherwin toured, was so impressed with Linton's talents that Sherwin was signed to the legendary Acuff-Rose Publishing Company and Hickory Records, resulting in numerous TV show appearances and coast-to-coast tours. Following the release of a live tribute album, 'Hello, I'm Not Johnny Cash' in 1971, Linton received multiple national nominations from the CMA and ACM. Subsequent hits included the 1986 novelty song 'Santa Got a DWI,' an anti-drunk driving song that hit the charts and became a Christmas favorite. Sherwin has released several CDs, including 2003's 'It Happened in America,' a collection of seventeen original songs written over the span of his nearly 50-year career. Sherwin Linton continues to record and tour tirelessly with his Country & Rock-A-Billy band, thrilling crowds across America.

1.1 Opening Dialogue
1.2 I Ride An Old Paint
1.3 Dialogue
1.4 Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim
1.5 Dialogue with Zeeland Friends
1.6 Wait for the Wagon, Phyllis
1.7 Dialogue
1.8 My Home of Zeeland
1.9 Zeeland Friends Sing Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen
1.10 You You Tender and Wistful
1.11 Dialogue
1.12 In My Merry Oldsmobile
1.13 Tony Schafner Dialogue
1.14 Long Long Trail
1.15 When You Wore a Tulip
1.16 Dialogue
1.17 Grandfather's Clock
1.18 Dialogue
1.19 The Rosary My Mother Gave to Me
1.20 Dialogue
1.21 Til We Meet Again
1.22 Dialogue
1.23 Dixie Darlin'
1.24 By the Light of the Silvery Moon
1.25 Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet
1.26 Christmas Gifts, Zeeland Friends
1.27 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.28 Dialogue
1.29 Wildwood Flower
1.30 Dialogue
1.31 Waitin' for a Train
1.32 Dialogue
1.33 Isle of Capri
1.34 When I Grow Too Old to Dream
1.35 Dialogue
1.36 Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
1.37 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
1.38 Whoopie John at Zeeland
1.39 Lily Marlene
1.40 Dialogue
1.41 Milk Bucket Boogie
1.42 Dialogue
1.43 Ode to the Little Brown Shack
1.44 Family Values - Zeeland
1.45 Dear Hearts ; Gentle People
1.46 I'll Meet You in Church
1.47 Zeeland Folks Speak German Ya Vol!
1.48 Fraulien
1.49 Ragged Old Flag
1.50 Zeeland Sings God Bless America

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