Shibboleth: Shibboleth

Shibboleth: Shibboleth
Title: Shibboleth
Label: CD Baby

About CD For just a moment, you are stranded in an elevator with the least-popular members of T-Rex, The Carpenters and The Kinks, along with George Jones' hairpiece. The elevator shudders somewhere between the mezzanine and rooftop grotto, and suddenly you are rocketed skyward by the excruciatingly serene tones of Shibboleth. Forty-five minutes later the bell dings and you're on your way back to the lobby. The debut album from Shibboleth is a fond voyage through the murky histories of American and British rock. No musical stone was left unturned, except for those that seemed to be rather heavy or slippery. In those rare instances, raucous guitar or organ solos were recorded to distract the listener and regain their trust. Lustful rocking numbers and winsome country laments debate with carnival lunacy as avant-noise dawdles in the kitchen. About Band Members Rich Martin (all things keyboard-like): Rich wrote all the songs and wrote them well. He's got a house full of vintage keyboards and ain't afraid to use them. He speaks quietly and does most of the cooking. Don Cento (all things guitar-like): From the home state of Samuel Clemens, our guitar anti-hero Don boasts a healthy suspicion of seafood and an equally robust affection for Hawaiian steel guitar. He is truly the bridge where the Twain of East and West meet. James Driscoll (the bass): James spent most of his youth in Singapore learning the ways of the bass in secret mountaintop caves. His bass says 'Vox' on the pointy end and simply cannot be ignored.

1.1 A Penny for Your Brain
1.2 Vietnam
1.3 Old Fashioned Speed
1.4 Edgar Meyer Winter
1.5 Indegencia
1.6 The Corner of Sacco and Vanzetti
1.7 Moe and Lester
1.8 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Jerk
1.9 The Last Salt Fork
1.10 Emergency Blues Broadcast System
1.11 Bicycle Built for Two Mormons
1.12 Rheostat Twilight
1.13 Whatever Happened to the Cheap Life?
1.14 Ceiling Fang
1.15 The Concrete Twitch
1.16 Sicklerville

Shibboleth: Shibboleth

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