Shigeto: No Better Time Than Now

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Shigeto

Artist: Shigeto
Title: No Better Time Than Now

2013 release from Electronic musician Zach Saginaw (AKA Shigeto), the follow-up to 2012's Lineage mini-LP. Shigeto stands for Zach's vividly beautiful electronic music. Beat-driven but given to richly textured sound design, rhythmically fractured but melodically sumptuous, Shigeto's music is a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades.

1.1 First Saturn Return
1.2 Detroit, Pt. 1
1.3 Ring Leader
1.4 Perfect Crime
1.5 Olivia
1.6 Miss U
1.7 Ritual Howl
1.8 Soul Searching
1.9 Safe in Here
1.10 No Better Time Than Now
1.11 Silver Lining

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