Shiny Lights: Shiny Lights

Shiny Lights: Shiny Lights
Title: Shiny Lights
Label: CD Baby

The Shiny Lights are sending beams of joy into your ears. You can't believe how wonderful you feel now that you've listened to The Shiny Lights. Why, you'll just have to listen again, and again! Their debut CD is a wonderful little journey that simply satisfies. Where's The One explodes into a stuck-in-your-head classic rock power strut. Wings meets early Elvis Costello & The Attractions. A synthesizer solo sure to make you crack a smile is followed by a guitar solo that might possibly tear your head off. Try not getting sucked in by the addicting cacophony-jones of an outro. Leave Me Behind is a luxurious loll that swoons with beautiful harmonies and the Utopian dream of the rapture crowd going off to their great reward and leaving the narrator to enjoy life with his friends sans judgment. The instrumental section hints of Ry Cooder. Medicine Sky is the paranoid journey of an institutionalized man who yearns to be outside with the object of his affection. Happy throughout though, there's the slightest hint of mid-period Kinks as an exotic accordion ends up driving the song quite steadily. Lovelight is the most epic song from the record. A galloping psychotic piano starts out the song, Queen-ish/Beatles "Because" harmonies not far behind. A bridge section any Brian Wilson fan should be pleased with is followed by a guitar solo out of Guitar Hero heaven. On The Sly is a catchy almost-instrumental piece that is Booker T meets The Young Rascals with a hint of Sly Stone. You'll find yourself wondering what TV show theme song this may (or should) belong to. The record ends with A Thousand Tricks, a crushingly poignant song about the love only a parent can understand. Beautiful acoustic guitar work, embellished with a sleepy harmonica, toy piano sounds and a rolling banjo (played by Dave Boquist, who worked with John Eller & The DT's before going on to wide acclaim as the co-founder of Son Volt.) This is a seriously strong debut CD.

1.1 Where's the One?
1.2 Leave Me Behind
1.3 Medicine Sky
1.4 Lovelight
1.5 On the Sly
1.6 A Thousand Tricks

Shiny Lights: Shiny Lights

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