Shiny Shiny Black

Shiny Shiny Black: Travelers

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Title: Travelers
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"I was impressed with Nate personally:  he seemed kind and smart and funny. Now I'm impressed with his new Shiny Shiny Black music.  The songs, in this case, fit the man." - Will Kimbrough, Singer-Songwriter, Award-winning Multi-instrumentalist "This material is just brimming with Americana, surf swells, and healing lyrics. Just wait..." -Tim Bushong, T. Bush Recording, Producer "Listen to the story - the songs are part of their story." - Jason Samuel, General Manager WGCS The Globe 91.1 FM Shiny Shiny Black gropes in the dark, hands out, searching for the lyric and tone to shed light on thoughts that haunt. Their musical grip holds you in place while words find the vulnerable target of your heart. The talent of this Americana roots music with lyrical poetry is hard at work to launch it from a regional act to a must-see national performance. Travelers, Shiny Shiny Black's debut album, launches on April 19, 2014, National Record Store Day. The new album takes aim at classic guitar tones (Brian Setzer, Luke Doucet, Tom Petty) and indie rock sensibilities (Wilco, The Black Keys). Travelers is the band's first full-length studio recording after a busy year at work in the studio and on the road. The band kicked into high gear in 2013 with the release of the single, "Lights On," and then played more than 65 shows throughout the Midwest. Fronting the band is Nathan Butler, who carries the songwriting torch. This veteran musician spent many seasons backing great songwriters like Jonathan Reuel and Trent Wagler (The Steel Wheels) before grabbing a guitar and stepping up to the microphone. Lessons learned from working with these great artists (among many others) shaped his melodic sense, lyrical qualities and arrangement chops. Anna Pasquarello Sherck handles the second guitar and backing vocal duties. When she is not carrying rhythm on guitar, Anna also jumps in with a more lighthearted flute. Ably handling low-end duties is bass guitarist Bryan Chris, who previously hailed from Four and Twenty Elders, and Lovetruck. From the skills, creativity, and Midwestern work ethic of these three people emerge the sounds and soul of Shiny Shiny Black. You can expect carefully crafted songs, and an experience that is simultaneously fun and transcendent.

1.1 Look Me in the Eyes
1.2 Love Kill
1.3 Six Shooter
1.4 Lights on
1.5 Heaven Only Knows
1.6 Lady of the Harbor
1.7 Like a Star
1.8 Wayfaring Stranger
1.9 Oh Darlin'
1.10 Love Like That
1.11 Simple Love
1.12 Prisoner

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