Ship Thieves

Ship Thieves: Irruption

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ship Thieves

Title: Irruption
Label: Chunksaah
Product Type: VINYL LP

The latest and 4th LP from this band; earlier records were CHRIS WOLLARD & THE SHIP THIEVES, THE SHIP THIEVES, and the first on a label other than their hometown's No Idea. As part of the BOUNCING SOULS/HOT WATER MUSIC family and diaspora, Chunksaah seemed an obvious fit. A SHIP THIEVES track appeared on a limited Chunksaah 10" celebrating Fest FL, also in their hometown. A great recording given the gift of time; having months of mixing and mastering and pondering this past strange year for music. Stay home and listen to records, including this one!

1.1 The Embers of Enlightenment
1.2 Race to Oblivion
1.3 Ghost Town
1.4 Tangled Net
1.5 Hercules Stomp
1.6 Virulent Man
1.7 Access Denied
1.8 (I Don't Wanna) Face the Dog
1.9 He Lost His Head
1.10 Lurking Strain

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