Shivas Headband

Shivas Headband: Temple of Rock & Roll

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Artist: Shivas Headband

Artist: Shivas Headband
Title: Temple of Rock & Roll

Shivas Headband began gigging in Austin Texas in the fall of 1967. They were a house band at the vulcan gas co., austins first rock venue. They were a force in Texas music and founded the armadillo world headquarters in Austin in 1970; also the first Austin group on a major label, capitol released 'take me to the mountains' in 1970. They ppeared with such acts as, the spirit, freddy king, jefferson starship, janis joplin, and many others. ^#^see for more info.

1.1 Mean Old Texas Blues
1.2 Desire Rules
1.3 Six Thousand Million Miracles
1.4 Second Best THNG
1.5 Give Something Back
1.6 Roots Rock Station
1.7 Freedom
1.8 The Olde Armadillo Crew
1.9 Agape Day
1.10 Universal Love
1.11 The Temple of Rock and Roll
1.12 All That Texas Left Us
1.13 Don't Blame Me

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