Shoe: I'm Okay

Shoe: I&
Artist: Shoe
Title: I'm Okay

Jena Malone and Lem Jay Ignado first met at a Christmas carol party at the Mandrake in Los Angeles, California in 2008. They ended up playing together that night and performed 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland'. Jena sand completely in scat-style gibberish and Lem Jay musically did not miss a beat. A unique musical friendship was born. Jena had built an instrument she called 'The Shoe', which was simply an old steamer trunk she dollied around with a plethora of electronic instruments inside. I'm OKAY was recorded during the summer of 2013 as a follow up to their 2009 debut EP.

1.1 I'm Okay
1.2 Paper Clip
1.3 Dead Rabbit Hopes
1.4 His Gorgeousness
1.5 Indian Giver
1.6 His Shirt Grew
1.7 Broken Hearted Love Song
1.8 I Guess This Is My Man
1.9 Harry Barry

Shoe: I'm Okay

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