Shokun Hellharmonic Orchestra

Shokun Hellharmonic Orchestra: Overture

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Title: Overture
Label: CD Baby

Shokun Hellharharmonic Orchestra (SHO) of the heavy rock orchestra by the energetic metalist 'shokun'. The powerfull music with beautifull sounds is created by the harmony of classic,rock,punk,heavymetal,hardcore,hip-hop and industrial noise fuse intensely. It's worth to listen to SHO's music even if ur not a fan of Slipknot/LINKIN PARK/KO?N/SYSTEM OF A DOWN! The sound of orchestra with the massive band sound is made with full technology for sampling. Now! Those famous classic tunes are reborned by the energetic metalist SHO! ???????????????????????·???·?????? Shokun Hellharharmonic Orchestra (SHO)? ?????/???/???/??????/?????/??????/????????·?????????????????????????????/???????/???/????????????????·???????????????! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1.1 Toccata and Fugue D Minor
1.2 Swan Lake
1.3 From the New World
1.4 Summer
1.5 Canon
1.6 Moldau
1.7 For Elise
1.8 Ombra Mai Fu
1.9 Caprices No. 24
1.10 Posthumous Tune

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