Shorthanded: Simple

Shorthanded: Simple
Title: Simple
Label: CD Baby

In 1995 Andy Wiseman (Founding bassist and songwriter of CRUX) decided he wanted to do something new, something more melodic, more technical. Along with Portland's Steve Davis and Salem's Chad Davis (Mr. Bottle, Himsa) he created a band that broke the mold of typical pop punk, mixing technical, slash and burn guitar work, with riding bass-lines, solid punk rock drumming and thought provoking intelligent lyrics. Shortly after their inception, Steve Davis parted ways with the band and longtime bassist Jason Zeh joined up, and Andy switched to guitar, taking the band to a whole new level. This would prove to be the main linup for the band for most of their existence, periodically Chad would part ways with the band and Mickey Widmur (Hardship, Inked In Blood) would take over his duties, then Mickey would part ways with the band and Chad would come back... but the band never skipped a beat. They pushed on, releasing solid release after solid release, playing throughout the northwest as well as the yearly summer tours and festivals. After three releases on Boot To Head Records, Shorthanded signed with Seattle based label tooth and nail records, added new drummer Adam D'Albero (Elienai, Tehillia) and shortly afterward released what would prove to be their last and best release, 'forever yours.' They got to record with the legendary Bill Stevenson and Stephen Edgerton (ALL/ DESCENDENTS). Unfortunately shortly after the album came out, Jason parted ways with the band to focus on his family, and the band went through various bassists settling on Chris Camp (The Cinema, Oceanna, Acceptance), but this time the member changes just took their toll... after writing a few new (some of their best) songs, the band finally decided to call it a day in 2001. Shorthanded, were one of those bands who, as Rodney Dangerfield put it 'got no respect,' well looking back over their legacy of releases, they deserve every bit of respect out there for putting out some awesome releases that we can enjoy years beyond their existence as a band.

1.1 Can't Fix It
1.2 Like Positive and Negative
1.3 Dealing with Rejection
1.4 It's Inevitable
1.5 Slump
1.6 For Now
1.7 Head Butting Behavior
1.8 Tell It Straight
1.9 Complete
1.10 Simple
1.11 Frontside Grind
1.12 65 in a 25
1.13 Healthy
1.14 Meaning

Shorthanded: Simple

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