Shotgun Philharmonic

Shotgun Philharmonic: 12 Gauge Tubes

$13.10 $15.98

Artist: Shotgun Philharmonic
Title: 12 Gauge Tubes

Early fall of 08, three shadowy figures arose from the rubble. One turned out to be the lopped off fu#kin right hand of god hisself. The Reverend. Sent to this plane of existence for the sole purpose of desicrating your aural canals. The next, seemed a megre man till he spoke of Egrem, the elegant. This man will bury your brown noise, deep, and forever. Merge. The final figure, once into the dim light, turned out to be some krusty fu#ker who used to be seen riding a skateboard around downtown, while playing a bass. (turns out they just needed a third guy)

1.1 Thin the Blood
1.2 The Other Side
1.3 Sinking
1.4 Schizophrenic Martini
1.5 In the Light
1.6 You Want You Need
1.7 Dark Limbo
1.8 Got Ur 6
1.9 Cheap
1.10 The Ballad of Shotgun Phil

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