Shubhraji: Chants for Healing

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Artist: Shubhraji

Artist: Shubhraji
Title: Chants for Healing

Shubhraji graces us with another compilation of traditional sanskrit chants. She studied and traveled with her guru H.H. Swami Chinmayananda for over 20 years. She is known for her unique, dynamic and accessible delivery of the Advaita Vedanta teachings. This album follows in the footsteps of her previous CD, Sloka Mala. The chants are ancient and carry the vibration of powerful spiritual energy. Shubhraji wishes to share their joy with us.

1.1 Sri Ganesa Bija Mantra
1.2 Ganesa Gayatri
1.3 Durga Bija Mantra
1.4 Maha Laksmi Bija Mantra
1.5 Laksmi Mantra for Wealth
1.6 Sarasvati Bija Mantra
1.7 Sarasvati Mantra
1.8 Mantra for General Well Being
1.9 Mantra for Prosperity
1.10 For Relief from Illness or Health
1.11 For Healing Relationships
1.12 For Building Relationships I
1.13 For Building Relationships II
1.14 Salutations to Lord Siva
1.15 Salutations to Lord Rama
1.16 Salutations to Lord Visnu
1.17 Salutations to Lord Hanuman
1.18 Peace Mantra
1.19 Morning Prayer
1.20 Invocation to Vyasa ; Adi Sankara
1.21 Gita Dhyanam
1.22 Prayer for Relief from Any Trouble
1.23 Prayer to Lord Dhanvantari
1.24 Prayer to Lord Siva
1.25 Ganga Stotram
1.26 Earth Peace Prayer
1.27 Peace Blessing Om

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