Sian Alice Group

Sian Alice Group: Troubled, Shaken Etc.

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Sian Alice Group
Title: Troubled, Shaken Etc.
Product Type: VINYL LP

Sian Alice Group, a collective of UK musicians Sian Ahern, Rupert Clervaux and Ben Crook, amongst other collaborators - are back with their sophomore album, Troubled, Shaken Etc. The band hones in on a genre-busting combination of organic improvisation, process-driven experimentation and the focused strength earned from a year of extensive traveling and touring the world together. You get your minimalist trances, electronic experimentation, techno thump, jazz motifs and Eastern music tropes in a joyous and complete listening experience.

1.1 Love That Moves the Sun
1.2 Airlock
1.3 Through Air Over Water
1.4 Close to the Ground
1.5 Grow Again, Repeat
1.6 Troubled, Shaken Etc
1.7 First Song - Angelina
1.8 Vanishing
1.9 White
1.10 Longstrakt
1.11 To Thine Own Self Be True
1.12 The Low Lights
1.13 Salt Water

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