Sibelius / Pajala / Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Sibelius / Pajala / Turku Philharmonic Orchestra: Orchestral Works

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Title: Orchestral Works
Label: Naxos

Jean Sibelius was the most significant figure in the formation of Finland's musical identity. Beyond the famous symphonies and tone poems he was prolific in other genres, including music for the theatre. King Christian II and Kuolema ensured Sibelius's fame throughout Europe, the latter including the haunting melody (track 2) which would later become the Valse triste. The Two Songs from Twelfth Night contrast the spectre of death with more comical moods, an effect also to be heard in one of Sibelius's least performed orchestral works, the Overture in A minor.

1.1 Overture in a Minor, JS144
1.2 Tempo Di Valse Lente - Poco Risoluto
1.3 Moderato (Paavali's Song: 'Pakkanen Puhurin Poika')
1.4 Moderato Assai - Moderato (Elsa's Song: 'Eilaa, Eilaa') - Poco Adagio
1.5 Andante (The Cranes)
1.6 Moderato
1.7 Andante Ma Non Tanto
1.8 Komnu Hit, DÖD! - Waltteri Torikka/Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
1.9 Hallila, Uti Storm Och I Regn - Waltteri Torikka/Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
1.10 Elegie
1.11 Musette
1.12 Menuetto
1.13 Sangen Om Korsspindeln
1.14 Nocturne
1.15 Serenade
1.16 Ballade

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