Sick Electric

Sick Electric: Death By Electrocution

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sick Electric

Title: Death By Electrocution
Label: CD Baby

We're very excited about these songs. We're still a guitar-driven band, but with more traditional song structures than the heavy/prog influence on our first record. Death By Electrocution feels like a cohesive work, more focused than our last record.

1.1 Integration
1.2 Parallel Dimensions
1.3 On the Loose
1.4 Instant Universe
1.5 Again Red Handed
1.6 Death By Electrocution
1.7 White Lightning
1.8 Illegitimate Sun
1.9 Suburban Amoeba
1.10 Burned Up (On Re-Entry)
1.11 Breezy Point

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