Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies: Connect

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Artist: Sick Puppies

Artist: Sick Puppies
Title: Connect
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release, the third album from the Alt-Rock trio. Connect is the perfect title for Sick Puppies' most ambitious album. The trio is all about connection-with their fans, each other, their own psyches. Each of the dozen songs on Connect - from intense, epic rockers to mellower yet lyrically anguished ballads - is introspective yet also universal. From the first single, 'There's No Going Back' to the band's most political song, the ironic 'Gunfight,' Connect will exhilarate old fans and captivate new ones.

1.1 Die to Save You
1.2 There's No Going Back
1.3 Walking Away
1.4 Gunfight
1.5 Poison
1.6 Where Did the Time Go
2.1 Telling Lies
2.2 Connect
2.3 Run
2.4 The Trick the Devil Did
2.5 Healing Now
2.6 Under a Very Black Sky

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