Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies: Tri-Polar

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Artist: Sick Puppies

Artist: Sick Puppies
Title: Tri-Polar

Sick Puppies return with their second album TRI-POLAR. After forming in Australia in 1997, and following their dream of moving to the US to record their debut album, Sick Puppies made a huge impact with their video for 'All the Same' (aka the Free Hugs video). The video became an international phenomenon, tallying more than 43 million views worldwide, netting Sick Puppies an international deal and release of their debut album DRESSED UP AS LIFE through Virgin Records.

1.1 War
1.2 I Hate You
1.3 Riptide
1.4 You're Going Down
1.5 Odd One
1.6 So What I Lied
1.7 Survive
1.8 Should've Known Better
1.9 Maybe
1.10 Don't Walk Away
1.11 Master of the Universe
1.12 In It for Life
1.13 White Balloons

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