Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies: Tri-polar: Deluxe

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Artist: Sick Puppies

Artist: Sick Puppies
Title: Tri-polar: Deluxe

TRI-POLAR: DELUXE is a 24-track double disc album combining Sick Puppies' critically acclaimed sophomore release TRI-POLAR with POLAR OPPOSITE. POLAR OPPOSITE was produced by Rock Mafia, and features re-imagined tracks from the band's TRI-POLAR as well as their first hit "All the Same" from their debut album. TRI-POLAR: DELUXE also features 3 rare B-side tracks "Dead Space," "Pretender" and "Til Something Breaks" as well as the never before released song "Monsters."

1.1 War
1.2 I Hate You
1.3 Riptide
1.4 You're Going Down
1.5 Odd One
1.6 So What I Lied
1.7 Survive
1.8 Should've Known Better
1.9 Maybe
1.10 Don't Walk Away
1.11 Masters of the Universe
1.12 In It for Life
1.13 White Balloons
2.1 You're Going Down
2.2 Riptide
2.3 Maybe
2.4 Odd One
2.5 Don't Walk Away
2.6 All the Same
2.7 White Balloons
2.8 Dead Space
2.9 Pretender
2.10 Til Something Breaks
2.11 Monsters

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