Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson: Get Out of Town

Siegel Stevens & Ferguson: Get Out of Town
Title: Get Out of Town
Label: CD Baby

After nearly 15 years of performing, touring and recording together, Michael, Jeff and I have been through a lot. A band is kind of like a marriage, except nobody thinks as carefully about forming a band, (I like to say it's like a marriage you didn't really choose). If someone had told us in 1989 or 1990, (we can never agree on exactly when we started the trio), that we would still be playing together in 2007, I think we would have laughed at the idea. Still, here we are, and the music keeps getting better. On July 21, 2004 we met at the same recording studio in Brooklyn, as we had 15 years before for our first recording. As is usually the case, we found that we had more than enough material. Everyone had new tunes to try, we had some standards we had never played that we wanted to record, and, as is also usually the case, we decided to record it all. We started playing and right away the music really felt good. The first tune we recorded was "Beautiful Friendship" and we got a good take on the first try. The rest of the session was more or less the same. One or two takes of each tune and almost all seemed good. When we had finished what turned out to be a long day of recording, we all felt good about what we had done. Even so, recording can be tricky to judge and it's easy to be fooled by how you feel during or just after a session. Sometimes you think a recording was terrible and it turns out to be fine or vice versa. In this case I think we all felt pretty confident, but we didn't really expect that we would like everything. Instead we did, and I think it's a nice snapshot of our summer reunion. So, we hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed playing it and I hope we'll see you at a performance sometime soon! Tim Ferguson.

1.1 Get Out of Town - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Porter, Cole
1.2 Crazy He Calls Me - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Sigman, Carl
1.3 Jeepers Creepers - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Mercer, Johnny
1.4 The Last Embrace - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Stevens, Michael Je
1.5 Momentum - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Ferguson, Tim
1.6 I Loves You Porgy - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Gershwin, George
1.7 Stealth - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Siegel, Jeff
1.8 Peaceful - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Siegel, Jeff
1.9 Beautiful Friendship - Stevens, Siegel ; Ferguson, Kahn, Donald

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson: Get Out of Town

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