Sievehead: Worthless Soul

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Artist: Sievehead

Artist: Sievehead
Title: Worthless Soul
Product Type: VINYL LP

Sievehead represent all that is good with DIY punk in the UK in 2017. Born, raised, and blossomed in the Lughole, in Sheffield, Sievehead have become a band of greatness. Their second album Worthless Soul is an album full of shimmering guitars, the bleakness of '80s Sheffield, and passionate vocals that ooze defiance. It has energy, heart, and that special something you can't put your finger on. It sits next to the classic early '80s era Gun Club, Arch Criminals, and Hüsker Dü. But still it has DIY punk running through every vein. Heavyweight reverse board sleeve with a printed inner sleeve; Artwork and photography from bassist Joe Singleton.

1.1 Teach Me to Swim
1.2 Invocation
1.3 Go to War with the Wind
1.4 Set the Tone in
1.5 At the Border
1.6 Don't Take It
1.7 Daydreams of Death
1.8 Young Heart
1.9 Worthless Soul

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