Silent Feature Era

Silent Feature Era: This Old Leather Heart

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Artist: Silent Feature Era
Title: This Old Leather Heart

A sepia-hued behemoth built of bones and Bakelite-era radio phonic apparatus, the Silent Feature Era recorded songs in the den. For an age it bunkered down and made sound of all that it imagined of the great, vivid world. Bush Noir odes to promise and deceit amid gums and grey mares, vaudevillian pugilists swinging amid a boozy kaleidoscope of mariachi horns, sine wave synthesizers and crooked, cooked guitars - the shrill, righteous damnation of a fiddle and the half-arsed redemption of an asthmatic harmonium, these were singularly unique reckonings of song. Now, in a fashion wholly consistent with their antiquated sensibility, the Silent Feature Era offer their debut recording in album format - an immovable, unshuffleable, preselected collection of songs. A Bakelite bastard born to a restless iWorld, This Old Leather Heart shall be available early in the new year of 2011.

1.1 Supersomeone
1.2 The Horsebreaker
1.3 All the Kings Men
1.4 The Only Rose
1.5 Something for the Quiet Life
1.6 This Old Leather Heart
1.7 Oliver
1.8 In Your Shoes
1.9 Then Again Maybe
1.10 This Old Leather Heart- Reprise
1.11 Blue Ribbon Man

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