Silent Skies

Silent Skies: Satellites

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Artist: Silent Skies

Artist: Silent Skies
Title: Satellites

Tom Englund (Evergrey) and Vikram Shankar (Redemption) join forces as Silent Skies to release their debut record "Satellites", which is characterized by an emotionally driven piano, which explores into soundtrack dimensions. Desolate, gloomy, but also hopeful, the compositions pave their way on "Satellites", which are characterized by self-reflection and inner contemplation. With it's almost hypnotic effect, this mélange creates images in the listener's inner eye.

1.1 Horizons (extended version)
1.2 Endless
1.3 Dreams
1.4 Us
1.5 Solitude
1.6 Oceans
1.7 Here Comes The Rain Again
1.8 Walls
1.9 Distance
1.10 1999

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