Silentium: Motiva

Silentium: Motiva
Artist: Silentium
Title: Motiva

SILENTIUM / MOTIVA Silentium, pioneers of Female Fronted Metal and masters of finnish epic, are back and stronger than ever - their new album "Motiva" is a diamond of larger-than-life melodies and highly emotional songs, cold as the northwind and sparkling as the Aurora. - "Motiva" shows a band in highest strength: "In addition to the overall sound being the most powerful in the history of this band, I think it's also the most graceful. Silentium's music has always had a lot of layers on top of each other. And while the rich fabric of layers hasn't become any thinner, I think we have managed to find more precise focal points amongst it.", keyboarder Sami comments, and voice miracle Riina adds: "We've evolved without compromising our core sound and philosophy." That is something you can hear since the Symphonic Metal anthems on "Motiva" are yet dramatic while at the same time express the attitude of a grown-up band. The epic sound cathedrals blaze in everlasting beauty, created from the fire of passion and creativity. Listen to "Motiva" and taste the magic!

1.1 Truth
1.2 Unchained
1.3 Vow
1.4 Safer/Easier
1.5 Vortex

Silentium: Motiva


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