Silky Slim: Keep It Gutta

Silky Slim: Keep It Gutta
Title: Keep It Gutta
Label: We Shoot First Films

Banned from Theatres!... Silky Slim (former Gang leader) presents a film based on a true story... this is a wake up call for any young man, and in his own words, Silky speaks of God's final call... Silky Slim spent time in prison, terrorized the streets & thrived off of crime as a gang leader... now, he is one of the strongest voices of concern for the young men in the ghettos of Amerikkka.

1.1 White House
1.2 You Don't Want It with Me
1.3 Gangster Blues
1.4 My Ni@! As Dat's Gone
1.5 Ain't Yo Friends
1.6 Kepp It Gutta!
1.7 What U Won't Do
1.8 I'm a Gangster
1.9 Say Lil Ma Ma
1.10 Watch Thez Ni@! As
1.11 Pop and Screw
1.12 Snakes
1.13 Wrecking Crew Life
1.14 Smiling
1.15 Allahs Soulja
1.16 No Sun Shine
1.17 War
1.18 Hussla
1.19 H.O.O.D
1.20 Full Blooded
1.21 Up in My Hood
1.22 I Ain't Yo Man
1.23 Revelation

Silky Slim: Keep It Gutta

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