Silvana Saldaa & Javier Bravo

Silvana Saldaa & Javier Bravo: Duo

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Artist: Silvana Saldaa & Javier Bravo
Title: Duo

"A Dúo": music by Scarlatti, Pachelbel, Sor, Albéniz, Bellinati, Piazzolla ... Guitar -both popular and aristocratic- has permeated palaces, popular dances, concert halls, milongas. It took part in music groups typical of different styles, the duet being the most usual combination that enhanced the manyfold sound, emotional qualities of the instrument. This CD covers an aesthetic arch throughout history ranging from popular to classical music from the seventeenth century up to the present times. "Perfect ensemble", "moving interpretations", Silvana Saldaña and Javier Bravo have delighted audiences in several countries, including USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, Uruguay and Argentina with their powerful playing, wide expressive palette and unique repertoire. Their first CD titled "A Dúo" received critical acclaim and has been broadcasted across Argentina and South American radio stations. They regularly play throughout Argentina at main concert halls such as Teatro Colón, Sala AB del Centro Cultural San Martín, and Teatro Margarita Xirgu, among others. They also performed as soloists Vivaldi's Concerto for two mandolines and orchestra and premiered A dos Orillas (for two guitars and string orchestra) by Javier Bravo. Since 2000, Silvana and Javier have been playing a wide ranging repertoire that has enabled them to cross musical boundaries and to attract a variety of audiences. Their recitals cover music from Baroque music up to contemporary Latin-American music, including tango and folklore music of Argentina. Silvana and Javier also have an intense career as soloists. Their activity includes performing with orchestras, solo guitar recitals, CD recordings, master classes and teaching guitar in main Conservatoires of Buenos Aires.

1.1 -Sonata in D Major, K. 159
1.2 Sonata in G Major, K.432
1.3 Canon in D Major
1.4 Souvenir de Russie, Op.63: Introduction
1.5 Souvenir de Russie, Op.63: Theme
1.6 Souvenir de Russie Op.63 : Var. I
1.7 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Var. II
1.8 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Var. III
1.9 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Var. IV
1.10 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Var. V
1.11 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Var. VI
1.12 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Var. VII
1.13 Souvenir de Russie Op.63: Allegretto
1.14 Bajo la Palmera
1.15 Castilla
1.16 Milonga
1.17 La Vieja
1.18 Alfonsina y El Mar
1.19 El Esquinazo
1.20 Otoño Porteño
1.21 Adiós Nonino
1.22 Jongo

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