Silvio Amato

Silvio Amato: Peter Pan

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Artist: Silvio Amato

Artist: Silvio Amato
Title: Peter Pan

Silvio Amato Born in Catania, on the 10th April, 1961, Amato began working as a composer towards the end of the 1980's. It was in Milan that his musical activity began in earnest, particularly in the composing and arranging of pop (ular) music. These years saw a wide range of important collaborations with Italian artistes, culminating in the resounding success of the song 'Ti Penso', performed by Massimo Ranieri at the 42nd edition of the San Remo song festival. Latterly his work has been more focused on television production, particularly with the Mediaset network. Original work includes music for numerous children's shows, signature tunes for primetime shows, sit-coms, soap operas, news and TV films. The abundant presence of Amato's compositions, across a broad spectrum of TV stations, testify to ten years of fruitful collaboration with the Mediaset, and with the principal Italian and international TV networks (Rai, Tmc/La7, Sky). In recent years Amato has devoted his energies to composing music for cinema and socially committed films, as well as for more overtly commercial productions, Act One Scene I The Writer is sitting at his desk and begins to write Scene II The Darling children are in their bedroom, where their parents and Nana are reading them a story. The children become totally absorbed and as the story unfolds, the characters - pirates, Indians, the crocodile and Hook pass in front of them. Soon it was time for the parents and Nana to say goodnight and they turn off light. The boys then start a pillow fight and Wendy tries and eventually manages to calm them down. All of a sudden, a light flickers around the bedroom and it changes into Tinkerbell. Wendy wakes up. A strange shadow appears: it is Peter Pan. Then the boys wake up and they all dance together Peter Pan teaches the children to fly and they follow him out into the night. The parents return to find to their horror that the children have disappeared Scene III The Writer continues writing. The scene changes to Never- Neverland, where peter Pan introduces his new friends to the Lost Boys. This makes Tinkerbell jealous. Wendy and Peter Pan move away while the other children grow tired and fall asleep. The Indians arrive and take the Darling Boys and a few of the Lost Boys prisoner. Scene IV Captain Hook is in his cabin aboard his boat, where two pirates are shaving him. They are all teasing the Indian princess who is in the corner, tied up and attached to a chain. Scene V Meanwhile, Peter Pan and Wendy are at the seaside and Peter Pan introduces Wendy to the Mermaids. Again, Tinkerbell is jealous. Peter Pan and Wendy notice a boat with pirates, Hook and the captured Indian princess. Peter Pan manages to free the princess Scene VI At the Indian camp, Peter Pan and Wendy bring the princess back to her father who let's the Boys free. The Indians thank Peter Pan. Tinkerbell is still jealous. Act Two Scene I Captain Hook is on his boat where, together with his pirates, he is planning to attack Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Tinkerbell, overcome with jealousy, tells Hook where to find Peter Pan. Scene II Hook and his pirates reach the Lost Boys' camp and capture the Lost Boys, the Darling Boys and Wendy. Hook is triumphant but still needs to find Peter Pan and so prepares a gift ( a bomb). Tinkerbell, full of regret, leaves to warn Peter Pan. However, Peter Pan finds the gift. Tinkerbell grabs it and leaves. Suddenly there is an explosion. Peter Pan needs help to save Tinkerbell and, if you believe in fairies - you can help him. Scene III The children are Hook's prisoners, but somehow. Wendy manages to free the Boys and a chase ensues, followed by a big battle. Peter Pan arrives to take on Hook in a duel. This time Peter Pan, the lost Boys and the Darling Boys are victorious. Scene IV At the Darling house, the parents and nana are awoken by the return of the children. There is a huge welcome and much relief to find that they are safe and thus, the story has a happy ending. Scene V The Writer closes the book on his desk, puts on his coat and hat and leaves. He meets a grown-up Wendy and dances with her.

1.1 J.M. Barrie Is Walking in Hyde Park
1.2 Barrie Begins to Write
1.3 Thinkerbell
1.4 The Shadow
1.5 Peter Pan's Theme
1.6 Mr. And Mrs. Darling
1.7 Two Pirates Are Shaving Captain Hook
1.8 The Coccodrille
1.9 The Mermaids Dancing in the Lagoon
1.10 The Indian Camp
1.11 Indian Princess and Peter Pan
1.12 Captain Hook Ihs Triumphant Crew
1.13 Hook Prepares a Gift Bomb
1.14 Thinkerbell Grabs the Bomb and Leaves
1.15 If You Believe in Fairies
1.16 The Pirates
1.17 The Duel
1.18 J.M. Barrie Closes the Book

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