Simon Wilcox

Simon Wilcox: Charm and The Strange

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Artist: Simon Wilcox

Artist: Simon Wilcox
Title: Charm and The Strange

2007 release of the famous Canadian progeny's third full length album (she's the daughter of rocker David Wilcox and British producer Sadia Sadia). Some songs were co-written with producer extraordinaire Ron Lopata ("Beatbox" & "Awful Badly"), Pete Wilkinson ("Bored") & Sam Taylor ("Eyes on You").

1.1 Intro
1.2 Bored
1.3 Awful Badly
1.4 Beatbox
1.5 Eyes on You
1.6 Anyone Close
1.7 Disaster Strikes
1.8 Mother's Ruin
1.9 Sad Fool
1.10 Nobody's Sweetheart
1.11 Too Pretty
1.12 Stars Are Gone
1.13 Yeux Sur Toi

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