Sinclair's Revenge

Sinclair's Revenge: Something for Everyone

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Artist: Sinclair's Revenge
Title: Something for Everyone

Sinclair's Revenge is a three piece punk-reggae-rock band with a hip hop twist hailing from the sunny deserts of Scottsdale, Arizona. Long time friends and musicians, Ian Tharp (guitar,vocals), sean hess (bass,vocals) and Chad rubin (drums,vocals) formed the group in the fall of 2008. Since then they have been played countless shows throughout the valley and California while establishing a respectable following, escalating quickly to become the headlining act for many of their shows. Influenced by the reggae punk sound of sublime and the fast paced rock of green day, offspring, and pennywise. Sinclair's revenge combines the respective styles to create songs that have a style of their own. Besides having songs that are unique and energetic, they bring a comedic aspect to their shows. Their debut full-length album "SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE" will be released NOVEMBER 2009.

1.1 Rampage
1.2 Bring It Loud
1.3 Walk with Me
1.4 Naughty Girl
1.5 Pissin' on Trees
1.6 Look Who's Laughing Now
1.7 Thinking of Tomorrow
1.8 Same Information
1.9 Wake Up
1.10 Not Today
1.11 Arizona
1.12 Sweet Inspiration

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