Singing About Providence: A Collection of Songs &

Singing About Providence: A Collection of Songs &: Singing About Providence: A Collection of Songs &

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Title: Singing About Providence: A Collection of Songs &
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Songwriting is not a science. It's an art fueled by inspiration. Sometimes it is an "aha" moment; and most often it is write and listen, listen and write until you listen and it's "right". The Rhode Island Songwriters Association/Hear in Rhode Island was given an exciting challenge - to write songs about Providence, some of which would be performed at a concert celebrating 375 years of it's founding - a "birthday party" of sorts. Because the members created such a wonderful variety of audio/lyrical "creations", we felt they should be shared. A CD was recorded (rather quickly, we might add) - "Singing About Providence". We invite you to listen & enjoy, laugh & absorb. You may even learn a little history about this place called "Providence". Happy Birthday Providence! Dianne Fuzek November 2, 2011.

1.1 Lovely Providence - Indigo K. Bethea
1.2 105 Miles - Heather Rose - Heather Rose
1.3 Providence - WS Monroe
1.4 Meet Me Under the Shepard's Clock - Billy Mitchell
1.5 The Big, Blue Bug - Buddy Cavaleri
1.6 My City, My Skyline - Heather Rose
1.7 The Prince of Providence - the Complaints
1.8 Oars - Jim Tata
1.9 The Burning of the Gaspee - WS Monroe
1.10 The Ballad of Anne Hutchinson - Jacob Haller
1.11 Don't Forget Your Hat - Ed McGuirl
1.12 I Know a Guy - Billy Mitchell
1.13 A Politician Stole My Wife - Buddy Cavaleri
1.14 The Root That Ate Roger - John Fuzek
1.15 Legacy (Moses Brown to John Brown) - Tracie Potochnik
1.16 By the Water's Edge - WS Monroe
1.17 Providence - Heather Rose
1.18 My Heart Is Hear to Stay - Fuzek-Rossoni
1.19 How I Came - Indigo K. Bethea

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