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Singing Company: Holy Week

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Artist: Singing Company

Artist: Singing Company
Title: Holy Week

Holy Week was the most significant week in the life of Christ. During these eight days, Jesus was praised and despised, anointed and betrayed, crucified and resurrected from the dead. Each event is important; each illustrates the battle between the sin of man and the love of God. As you hear these songs and contemplate these scriptures, you will see that the story of Holy Week revolves around a God who is close to His people, who comes to proclaim the coming Kingdom to the crowds who surrounded Him; a God who yearns for His creation to know Him, who tells simple stories to share profound truth; a God who is humble, who allows a stranger to anoint Him, a friend to betray Him and the crowds to crucify Him so that the entire world might have reconciliation with God and forgiveness of their sin. Though this story happened over two-thousand years ago, it still has an essential purpose for us today. And so, we hope that by listening to this album about Holy Week, you will be compelled to humble yourself before the King of Kings, to obey Him just as He obeyed His Father. We hope that by meditating on these songs, you will respond to God's glorious invitation into His Kingdom-that you will know and embrace His unconditional love for you. With this in mind, The Singing Company & Families present Holy Week...

1.1 The Father's Love
1.2 Save Now
1.3 In God's Kingdom
1.4 Fig Tree
1.5 The Anointing
1.6 Peter's Betrayal
1.7 O Come and Look Awhile on Him
1.8 Great Silence
1.9 Easter Vigil
1.10 Easter Carol
1.11 Good News
1.12 He Is

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