Singing in the Spirit

Singing in the Spirit: Singing in the Spirit

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Artist: Singing in the Spirit
Title: Singing in the Spirit

Maureen Bocanegra and Diana Longwell Maureen and Diana met in 1985 at their local church and began staying after worship team practice to worship freely and realized that there was a real flow between them.  As doors began to open up here and there, it soon became clear that God had an assignment for them-as they worshiped Him, they would help people approach His Throne through worship.  They soon began ministering in a monthly area-wide intercession meeting, flowing in and out of worship and warfare throughout each meeting.  It has been their desire to see people 'Sing in the Spirit'-1 Corinthians 14:15b as well as sing the 'New Song'-Psalm 33:3.  Many have said that as they have ministered, it was as if God was washing them with Worship.  It is their prayer that you are ushered into His presence, and continue to allow yourself to be drawn closer to Him as you worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

1.1 New Song
1.2 Surely Goodness ; Mercy
1.3 Praise the Lord
1.4 Holy Spirit
1.5 Give Unto the Lord

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