Single Twin

Single Twin: Marcus Teague

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Artist: Single Twin

Artist: Single Twin
Title: Marcus Teague

Debut album for Single Twin, the new project for Marcus Teague, the former frontman of sadly defunct Melbourne outfit Deloris. Played, recorded and mixed at home by Teague himself on Garageband over six or so years. Mastered by Casey Rice.

1.1 Fish in New Leaves
1.2 Came Home Dead
1.3 Dirty Sleeves in the Salty Water
1.4 Slow Down Soldier
1.5 My Silken Tooth
1.6 Wandering
1.7 Get to Love You
1.8 Smoke Trail on a Spring Day
1.9 The Blow (Fell Out the Window)
1.10 Long Wave
1.11 Goodnight
1.12 Hunter
1.13 Splinters and Seeds

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