Sinner: There Will Be Execution

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Artist: Sinner

Artist: Sinner
Title: There Will Be Execution

Sinner is one of the most famous and respected names on the German heavy metal scene. With nearly 30 years on stage and 17 albums on their account, the band still keeps serving their fans breathtaking music and stunning live performances.

1.1 Higher Level of Violence
1.2 There Will Be Execution
1.3 Requiem for a Sinner
1.4 Die on Command
1.5 Finalizer
1.6 Locked and Loaded
1.7 God Raises the Dead
1.8 The River
1.9 Liberty of Death
1.10 Black Monday
1.11 Crown of Thorns
1.12 Wherever I May Roam
1.13 Balls to the Wall
1.14 The Truth Is Out There

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