Sir Colt Coul William

Sir Colt Coul William: Angel's Portion Blues & Treasures

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Artist: Sir Colt Coul William
Title: Angel's Portion Blues & Treasures

' C.W. has a vocal thing that is so sexy and exciting. I've seen people shiver when he does it..." Key West The Newspaper "Colt's unique sound is a jumpy and jazzy, funky and folksy mix of musical styles that's ideal for his milieu". Sun Times We're Making History Making Music! The Angel's Portion Blues Vol.4, Legends and Treasures True Americana Music series True Americana artist C.W. Colt has released the latest volume of his well-received Legends and Treasures Americana music series. The Angel's Portion Blues is a True Americana Blues recording. This new release features some of the same top Nashville musicians who performed on Volume 3, True Americana Country. Collectors of the series know that each volume pictures a legendary character on the cover (Mel Fisher, Captain Tony, Chief James Billy and Bert Kilbride, to name a few). The Angel's Portion Blues "Legend" is Grammy-nominee Sonny Landreth "Slide Guitar Wizard" (courtesy of Sugar Hill Records). The Angel's Portion Blues is another opportunity to enjoy C.W. Colt's versatile range of music styles. With this volume he creates a unique Americana Blues recording combining romantic guitar melodies, dizzying brass and romping background vocals. At the forefront overlays Colt's deep, resonant voice creating an aura of seduction no one is immune too. The original C.W. Colt track, "I Don't Need a Fool", is a song "for any woman that's ever had a man tell her a lie". Here C.W. Colt and Sonny Landreth reunite, miles and years after starting their careers together in Colorado in a country rock band, Free Lunch. If everybody wants to hear a blues song, you don't have to wonder how many people have got the blues. You won't have any blues left after you groove to these tunes. The lyrics are romantic, inspiring and humorous. C.W. Colt lays out his heart and soul on this CD. Producers C W Colt / Herb Sucher / Lance Dary BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE OTHER CDS HERE ON CDBABY.COM AND COMPLETE YOUR SET TODAY.

1.1 Night Can Play Tricks
1.2 I Don't Have It
1.3 You Keep on Talking
1.4 Haunting Melody
1.5 Miami Mammy Whammy
1.6 Somebody Like You
1.7 Who's Gonna Pay for This Broken Heart
1.8 There He Goes
1.9 Too Much of a Goodthing
1.10 Characters Are Real
1.11 I Don't Need a Fool

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