Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek: Disappearing Act

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sissy Spacek

Title: Disappearing Act
Label: CD Baby

Gerritt runs the Misanthropic Agenda label out of Berkeley, California. Los Angeles resident John Wiese is a member of LHD and Sissy Spacek, and both have been freelance members of drone metal unit Sunn0))). 'The Disappearing Act' displays the pair's expertise in pulling transmissions from an elusive dimension utilizing elements of dynamics, noise, rhythm, silence and tone. Reviews: the Wire number 271 It's Wiese- brace yourself. This 20 minute EP sees the noise maverick working with Misanthropic Agenda label boss Gerritt, hardly a shrinking violet himself, having gone head to head with Merzbow, D Yellow Swans and Sunn0))) in the past. The Disappearing Act EP starts out with two disjointly short, sharp shocks of mashed-up sound, sudden jolts of electricity and the worrying rush of what sounds like toxic gas escaping from a canister. The final track is one 15 minute fade up of unbearably caustic jet engine whine. It'll have you pinned back in your armchair while your face gets pummeled by it's horribly intense power, like those pilots filmed doing tests in wind tunnels. - Keith Moline.

1.1 Untitled
1.2 Untitled
1.3 Untitled
1.4 Remote Whale Control 4
1.5 Remote Whale Control 5
1.6 Live

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