Sisters Doll: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Sisters Doll: Welcome to the Dollhouse
Title: Welcome to the Dollhouse
Label: CD Baby

Sisters Doll - 'WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE' Review by the ROCKPIT I'll wager that this is NOT what you'd be expecting if you knew that SISTER'S DOLL was a trio of brothers, aged 14, 17 and 19, from a small farming town 3 hours from the nearest city in Western Australia. What "Welcome To The Dollhouse" is, is an irresistible hook-filled slab of catchy glam rock that could have easily sat high in the charts at any point between 1986 and 1991, and pays a certain amount of homage to one of their primary influences - Twisted Sister - a fact accentuated by the trio's preference for colourful glittertastic stage outfits, eye liner, bandana-strewn mic stands and tape-striped drum sticks. Not that this is the work of pale imitators by any stretch of the imagination - "Welcome To The Dollhouse" shows that Sister's Doll have an understanding of melody and songwriting chops far beyond their tender ages. Opener Dollhouse is a tasty declaration of intent, and the video clip for this one has been racking up the views on YouTube over the past few months. It's Isabella though that has the strongest crossover potential. Featuring an un-put-downable hook, this smouldering soft rocker is far more mature than the band have any right to be, and - as with the whole album - shows that you don't need to spend half a million bucks on an album's production to make it sound fantastic. There's no filler on offer on "Welcome To The Dollhouse" - every track rocks in every sense of the word, and almost any of these 11 numbers have every right to be the next single. Currently causing a stir and turning heads in Hollywood, the Mileto brothers look set to be a big name before they're even out of their teens. By Shane Pinnegar.

1.1 Dollhouse
1.2 Are You Scared of Clowns
1.3 Run Away
1.4 Isabella
1.5 Lonely Room
1.6 I Love Barbie
1.7 Turn Around
1.8 Holly Dolly
1.9 Loaded Gun
1.10 Falling

Sisters Doll: Welcome to the Dollhouse

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